March 8, 2017

Safety and Environment


Ruia Mine recognises its responsibility to minimise the impacts of its operations on the environment and seek to safeguard the environmental  interest for future generation through a programme of continual environmental performance improvement.

Ruia Mine is committed to operating an environmental management system for effective pollution prevention through

  • Identification and mitigation of adverse environmental aspects and impacts arising from the mine`s activities, facilities and services e.g solid and liquid waste, land degradation , use of hazardous chemicals, water and air pollution.
  • Implementing and mantaining an effective environmental system, in compliance with applicable Environmental legal and other requirements, to ensure a systematic approach and continous improvement of enviromental management performance.
  • Continous evalution of the mine`s environmental management and performance against set objectives, targets and applicable legal requirements.
  • Improving Environmental Management Systems awareness through open communication, on environmental issues with employees, contractors, suppliers, visitors, relevent authorities and any other affected stakeholders.

                                                HEALTH AND SAFETY

Ruia Mine is committed to achieving and maintaining a ZERO HARM in all its operations and to minimize its impact on the environment through sustainable extraction and processing of its mineral ore resources. It is committed to achieving this through.

  • Prevention of pollution and risk of injury or ill health to employees and the community as a result of its activities, products or services.
  • Training and educating all its employees, contractors and visitors on this policy to ensure their awareness of environmental occupational health and safety responsibilities.
  • Provision of an enabling environment for employees’ participation in workplace health promotion by integrating wellness progress and activities into the management of occupational health and safety.
  • Communicating and consulting with employees and other stakeholders to enable their involvement and participation in the development and review of the policy and operational procedures.
  • The creation of a supportive environment so that HIV infected employees are able to continue working under normal conditions in their current employment for as long as they are medically fit to do so.
  • Occupational health surveillance

We are focused on reduction of exposure to health hazards at the source through good engineering practice and rigorous maintenance of controls. Legal compliance is the best way of doing it so that we continue to seek the best standards for employees.

  • Behaviour based safety awareness

It is about promoting safe behaviors at work, because behavior turns systems and procedures into reality and promote to achieve and maintain ZERO HARM. It goes a long way in practicing zero tolerance to littering, pollution and deforestation, zero workplace accidents, zero injuries at work place. ZERO HARM is our belief and it is possible.