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Blacksands Resources…

The claims are situated on the middle dyke of the Great Dyke of Zimbabwe, an area well known for chrome mining. The infrastructure is well developed near the Lalapanzi grid where the railway line borders the claim boundary, good access road, electricity and good sites for drilling water boreholes. Golden Reef Mining focuses principally on eluvial chrome/chrome sands which are abundant along the Great Dyke of Zimbabwe.

The project is at the production stage. A complete chrome washing plant was installed. The primary mining method is free-digging of the first 50-100cm of earth and loading into dump trucks which then transport the material to the main hopper. There are no explosives to be used, hence a cost effective method.


The chrome-concentrating process involves sizing the Run of Mine (ROM), scrubbing to liberate the chrome particles from the soil and then concentrating the chrome fines through the spiral technique using water. Eluvial chrome deposits in soil or rubble are derived from the breakdown of chrome ore bodies (seams) or from the breakdown of ultramafic rocks (serpentinites and pyroxenites) containing disseminated accessory chromite in the Great Dyke.

The Mutorashanga eluvial claims are located along the eastern flanks of the Great dyke in the Cairnsmore Estate-see. The chromite in the eluvial deposit was formed by deposition of eluvial chromite along valleys. The deposition is prolific along the V-shaped valleys compared to the U-shaped valleys owing to the fact that the gradient is less and the deposits are less likely to be eroded during heavy down pours.