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Ruia Project

Ruia Project


The Ruia Gold Prospect is situated some 165km north east of Harare near Mount Darwin area. The area is known for gold mining but very little gold mining took place at a large scale. The prospect has ideal lithologies, structural controls and tectonic setting to host large tonnage but low grade gold deposits. The mineralization is structurally controlled by a wide shear zone which persists outside the current protected area, which is spatially associated with quartz-feldspar porphyries and mica schist lithological units

The project uses heap leach pads which entail production of gold through a heap leach process which is defined as an industrial mining process to extract relatively low grade ores at a comparably low cost. Ruia Mine utilises this benefit to extract the gold from its relatively low grade bulk oxide ore.



The heap leach process employs the drip irrigation system to optimally distribute the barren solution at the top of the stacked ore and allows the solution to slowly percolate through the heap until it is collected by the drain coils. The solution is discharged to the discharge launder. The solution is then harvested via a settling pond to the pregnant solution pond. The pregnant solution is pumped to the carbon ion exchange plant where the carbon holds back the gold from the solution. The electro winning process follows where gold is deposited on wire wool from the carbon. The pregnant wire wool is processed by a process called acid digestion to produce calcine. Calcine is smelted to produce purified gold.